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Are you weighed down by the concerns about what others think of you?

Maybe you feel bound by family or society expectations and are afraid to let anyone down?

Or worse, you just got your dream job only to feel like you’re falling short even though you’re constantly exceeding others' expectations?

So many of us are feeling overworked, under-appreciated, and low on pleasure, all while wearing a happy face. We worry excessively and are filled with self-doubt.

The voice of our inner critic is alive and viscous in our head!

Or maybe you’ve found that every time you try to talk about these things with a friend or loved one it just goes all wrong or you can't find the right words to say? I want you to know you’re not alone!

Everyone needs a safe place to work through a problem or major life transition. And sometimes friends and family just can’t hold that neutral space you need.

Ready to Connect?

You’ve made a great move by looking into the coaching process.

By now, you’re wondering if this practice will be a good fit for you.

You want someone who can help you as a whole person - not just your brain.

I take an Integrative Mental Health approach that focuses on the whole person in order to promote recovery as holistically as possible from any mental health concerns or existing diagnoses. Our work together is about creating a partnership as Coach and Client. Individualizing interventions, addressing the whole person and returning to wellness - our natural state.

Together we discuss incorporating lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, beneficial dietary supplements, and services like acupuncture, massage therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and hypnosis to promote total body wellness.

Are you ready to learn how to love yourself like you love others? To feel a sense of peace, acceptance, and ownership of who you truly are? If you are ready to start this journey, I would like to walk it with you.

From dealing with workplace tension & pandemic overwhelm to grief, depression, anxiety, childhood wounds or relationships issues - I want to partner with you on your path to healing.

Melissa Brisbane, MSW, MA in Ed & HD, CGE

Hi I’m Melissa

I am a Trained Psychotherapist, Certified Gottman Educator, Learning Specialist and Integrative Health & Lifestyle Practitioner trained at the University of Arizona Andrew Weil School of Integrative Medicine.

I work with clients as a virtual coach and wellness practitioner with clients worldwide from my base in Washington DC. This is an intentional choice to meet the dynamic needs of people in this Post-COVID virtual world.

I have experience with graduate students, young and mid-range professionals and executives, women in life transitions and couples transitioning into parenthood.

I’m passionate about working with clients dealing with workplace stressors, trauma, racial trauma, anxiety, low self-esteem, complex grief, adult ADHD, and those suffering from unhealthy relationships.  

I am excited to join you on your journey to achieving your goals. If you are interested in working with me, schedule a free 15 minute consultation to talk about your concerns and how we might work together.

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